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María Rosa D'Elía Demetilla

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Maria Rosa D'Elia Demetilla

Photographer and plastic artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Maria Rosa  has started to paint pictures in canvas since 1998, specially related with nature and countryside. In lates 80's  she has discovered the art of taking pictures.

Her photo ‘Polimnia’ was included in the Annual Austria 2002, and lots of other pictures were included in several catalogues of International Galeries.

Since 1999 MR. has started to experiment with Digital Photography.

An important part of her photo production is dedicated to the subject "Horses", having showed more than 30 exhibitions untill today with this special subject. Many of these pictures were taken in San Antonio de Areco, a city well known and loved by Maria Rosa.Tradition Day 11/2000, San Antonio de Areco

Between 1995 and 1999 Maria Rosa was Director of Salons and Competitions at the ‘Federación Argentina de Fotografía’

At the moment she works like Pro-Secretary and Director of Competitions at the Comision of the Buenos Aires Foto Club, integrating the jury of the same institution.  

Jury of SICAFI, International Salon.


The more recent awards include:

-Gold medal FIAP Eslovenia.

-Best experimental photo 5º TOUR DELLE COLINE, Italia.

-Second prize 19 Trofeo Arno, Italia.

-Gold Medal Austrian Super Circuit.

-Gold Medal PSA 2o  Circuit Hong Kong

-Silver Medal Argentina

3º Prize SICAFI International Salon 2000

-Batana  (Bronze medal) Croacia Rovigno.

-Gold Medal FIAP, Mississippi. USA

-Gold Medal, PSA Argentina.

-Gold Medal, Best Circuit -MOTIVA 2001-.


-1º Prize, El Capello nel mondo, Alessandria Italia 2002


-Gold Medal Austrian Super Circuit 2002

Silver Medal    ‘’           ‘’       ‘’        ‘’

Bronce Medal  ‘’           ‘’       ‘’       ‘’


-2º Gold Medal Salón Internacional Foto C. Buenos Aires 2002-


E.FIAP – Excelencia FIAP. Artist in photography. International distinction.

DFA – Federación A de Fotografia. National distinction.

PSA – Photographic Society of America USA

MHCBA- Honour member Foto C. Buenos Aires.

MHPFR – Honour member Peña Fotográfica Rosarina.

Kilme de Honor 2000, Quilmes

Pasajera Ilustre, Quilmes 1996  


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